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The first ten

Black Static 17Here’s the cover for Black Static, issue 17. The first group of ten winners from the Campaign for Real Fear will be published in this issue:

  • ‘Copy Degradation’ by Gemma Files
  • ‘The Rude Little Girl’ by Kaaron Warren
  • ‘Nice One, Truly’ by Alan Morgan
  • ‘On The Beaten Path’ by Janos Honkonken
  • ‘In The Night Supermarket’ by James Burt
  • ‘Shades of Blue’ by Catherine MacLeod
  • ‘This Is Mung’ by Christine Emmett
  • ‘The Price’ by Jennifer Williams
  • ‘The Flinchfield Dance’ by Mary Elizabeth Burroughs
  • ‘Sanctuary’ by Katherine Hughes

As well as the following stories:

  • ‘Faces in Walls’ by John Shirley, illustrated by Ben Baldwin
  • ‘Zombie Cabana Boy’ by Suzanne Palmer, illustrated by Dave Senecal
  • ‘Three-Legged Bird’ by Vylar Kaftan, illustrated by Ben Baldwin
  • ‘The Lady in the Tigris’ by Daniel Kaysen, illustrated by Rik Rawling

The issue will also contain feedback and analysis by Chris Fowler and myself about the Campaign, plus columns by Pete Tennant, Stephen Volk and Tony Lee.

Make sure you get your copy early!